live blogging during inauguration

– Wow is that the most people ever anywhere at once?

– i thought rick warren was cancelled

– aretha that bow properly announces you as a gift from god to obamanation

– we approve of michelle’s gold.

– it’s the last minute of bush’s presidency!!!!! the last minute is being extended by a lovely strings moment which is making me think of the titanic for some reason.

– possibly most diverse inaugural quartet ever!

– obama didn’t look nervous until he was being sworn in. now he’s back to calm, cool and collected.

– out of nowhere a prayer just rose up in my heart that he is safe and protected.

– Davey D write the best piece this morning, i’m try and find it online and link to it here

– “it’s time to give up childish things” – i’m ready for that.

– hurray for the doers! jenny lee calls us the earthworms.

– only multi-racialism could yield legitimacy to these lines, which include in ancestry the colonizers and the slaves of this nation.

– i love when Obama starts telling me what we will do…especially when there are moments where he calls us to post partisanship (“it’s not big or small govt, it’s: is it working?”, “the nation cannot prosper long when it benefits only the prosperous”)

– when Obama says we are a friend to every nation, my heart leaps to Cuba, Iran, Palestine, North Korea, Venezuela. the children in those places. oh i hope you mean it.

– non-believers in the house? lol…there must be a more accurate way to say that!

– it’s such a new experience to listen to a president who is diplomatic. he says things that make me cringe, followed by things that make me smile while others cringe. he pulls at the audience of the world right now, such an artist.

– bush’s face is priceless. most of the speech where obama spoke about “terrorists”, it described the bush administration more than anything else.

– that was a great speech, this is a great moment. i feel moved, and ready to get to work.

– obama can’t stop smiling….”i’m the president!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhh!!!!”

– i really like michelle and barack as a couple. they energy is real nice 🙂

– ooh just saw hillary, cheeks sore from that particular unique kinda smile. i kind of hope she and palin go head to head in 2016.

– red man gets ahead! brown gets down! black not under attack! white gets it right!

– wow am i really hearing a “talented 10th” analysis right now from the commentators – the movement children went to ivy league schools as the step from inequality to now, and “the hope was that the talent would emerge.”

– i am going to ignore most of the stuff around this moment; and i’m not going to get bogged in any judging hateful thoughts of the outgoing team…i know that watching obama i actually felt better, i am ready to hold up my value that we can do it ourselves, my value of impacted community leadership, my value of nonviolence and love and truth and reconciliation, working with leadership who is open, diplomatic, intelligent, and yes, colorified! 🙂 that’s all for this morning, possibly!