sorry mercury, for what i done

im sitting in the san francisco tech center after a marvelous and comprehensive session on how to improve ruckus communications.

this is two days now after the ruckus network gathering, which was phenomenal. there was a lot of desire to be in touch with each other, sharing theory, tactics, tools, opportunities, thinking, personal life tidbits, everything.

in the midst of this, my car is overheating, and i just poured water very specifically on my phone while riding into the city. nothing else was wet, only the phone. but the phone was dripping wet. i am trying to hear these two happenings as a call from the universe. not the obvious call, which is “spend money you don’t have.” but some kind of deeper, more encouraging call, like: “walk, you lazy…” ahem – or, “go ahead and get that google phone you’ve been dreaming of.”

really universe? should i?

“of course! it’s your money, why u askin me?”

whenever i mention the car or phone troubles to people, they laugh, then reference mercury. they laugh because i have a notoriously high level of trouble with both cars and phones. since i’ve been in california, i’ve had 3 cars, each one slightly less likely to survive than the last. i’ve had as many phones, each one with a relatively useless warranty.

the mercury component is relatively specific to this round of troubles, and it doesn’t really lighten my load. people say mercury is in retrograde as if mercury is a fairy godmother of bad luck, and when it passes, the lemon will become a functioning vehicle, the silent hunk of metal transform into a communication device again, or at least some magic will happen to reconcile the expenses.. my bank account shows the historical pattern, mercury never pays up.

and i don’t mind overall, my life is very blessed, and i can stretch around to eat less, walk more, communicate less (hurts to even type that one). but honestly, mercury, im sorry for what i done, whatever it is i done…