forgetting to write

what a lovely weekend it’s been. we did a series of no less than 6 birthday events for my sweetheart – that was nice. i’m getting more confident in the girlfriend role.

i’m heading to highlander tomorrow for a few days with the League. I’ll be there with my facilitator hat on, but realized today that I will also be the Old Guard in the room, the person present who was there closest to the beginning of the experiment. this is a special thing, as i reflect on the ruckus gathering we just had, and the old guard in that room, some of whom were 12 and 13 years into the process of community, carrying so much.

at the league, like any good non-profit experience, I had moments of feeling absolute wonder and completion as a youngish person working there, building it up; and I had moments of vase-throwing frustration during which I swore I’d never be associated with it again. i’ve never been involved with a group where such ups and downs didn’t occur. as i get older perhaps i will remember this, and remind others, we are all learning as we go.

life is longer than strife. so here i go, delving deeply back into the mission, vision, organizational dynamics of the league. as always, an amazing group of people are convening, and we’ll be at highlander which is very exciting. and i get to work with anasa troutman, who is just a delightful individual and brilliant organizational mind.

so now am immersed in the huge pre-trip to do list! laundry, clean-up, pack, call, send out communications, etc!