the long lens

Just finished the part of the League retreat that I was cofacilitating, tomorrow catch an early flight back to Oakland.

It was a good thing y’all…to be able to come back to a space of working with the League and, with a long lens, the way that work we did years ago is manifesting today. Many of the things that seemed so important to resolve at the beginning are still being worked on, but the team is made up of such good, human folks. Some of these folks, we’ve seen each really grow thru some highs and lows. Others are new to me, and now are holding each other in the learning process. The authentic diversity of the League has always been a remarkable thing, not an easy thing – but there’s such a respect across vast cultural differences.

I always believe that it is seeing and respecting each other across vast difference, guided by the real impacts and front lines specific to our very different lives, is the healing humanity work necessary for our collective survival.
Which is to say, life is good.