i haven’t written in a while. here’s some of what happened while i was away:

i experienced some of the hardest friend time of my adult life.

i got the flu at the exact moment when i most needed to have no personal needs.

i got kind of interested in my hair and might wear it out in public again.

i had an experience in a church which reminded me that the number one barrier between believers and…other folks…is a lack of timing when delivering the truth. being present to the situation actually in front of you and responding to it without judgment or answers, with compassion and reflection, that too is a spiritual practice. love jesus, and doubt jesus wouldn’t have come at the service that way. my spiritual beliefs can best be summed up by the song “all is full of love” by bjork.

ruckus started using basecamp. its awesome.

my nephew turned 6 months. he’s so fine, he can eat his toe, sit up and smile, and any minute now he’ll be crawling.

my flu morphed into a wicked cough that makes me see stars in the sunlight. i went all in with hulu, lost online, and netflix’s next instant watch feature.

i missed writing, i came back.