tonight was a microcosm of my whole life.

first i went to a house where i took my shoes off, climbed stairs, met up with people shifting through a potluck dinner gathered in the kitchen talking about the most cutting edge nontraditional intentional communities to be dreamed up. im a little soloist in my studio who struggles with interacting with people at all. i love my cave. but politically, i am aligned with the idea of shared space and resources. i may always be a transient being, but i want to land in a place that is home and sustainable and peopled by folks i would want to be around.

a woman i met there said she heard my kfpa interview the other night, speaking as someone who runs a nonprofit (www.ruckus.org) in this new economy. i talk about ways we have focused our resources, strengthened our network, and generally approached this as a moment to look forward to community, rather than try to look back at false economic stability with longing. when i find the archive i will post it.

then i got lost in berkeley looking for the 700 block of 65th street.

then i met up with one of my favorite displaced detroiters at the brothers and sisters in brooklyn. house music, which i have a new york affinity for. i hear soulful house and i am in a basement in brooklyn, or a too small apartment in chelsea, or a club where everyone’s a welcoming well-dressed smile. another displaced detroiter snapped across the dance floor, and joined us. i really love that city, detroit, more each time i go.

on the way home i heard an announcement for “Financial Assistane Awareness Month”. the existence of this month, to me, is the single greatest argument against having black history month, or women’s month.

then i ran home, so tired, but once i got in bed the sleep was just beyond me. i think i’ve caught it now.