scrabble poem #1: as goes arpaio

a certain scrabble companion got me to freewrite off our scrabble words. here is the outcome:

as goes arpaio

oh this southern hunk of man
the aeon zapper
leads us back past reason
desert’s sitter
master of the raid,
his fast clips spin like a western
now you go, eh, now me
zig zag the heat alone
try and cross this line

ivy grows up the walls
of the new justice league
young nerds in beet purple
tie dyed dalai lama fur
polka dot quilts sliced into belled bottoms
saying ‘yo bro’ to black friends
running into the quad screaming “semper fi”
aw, the stink of good intentions
‘we solemnly swear to swallow
all that you are’

jive revolutionary words come easy
tax our nerves and patience
it’s a race now
who can get below the waist,
past the tight ab or bony hip
to the real power
the law abiding ho masses maxed out on awe
change is come
sweet suckling the soft to hard boing of lust for it all
up like a gavel,
and down we all went

the words i had to work with:

x lama x ab x me x alone x below x aw x aeon
x nerds x fur x fi x ivy is x yo x or x fast
po x dot x clips x raid x dye x try x sitter
x it x zapper x tax x zag x max x spin x quilts
x went x gavel x jive en x boing x oh x beet
x get x eh x go x ho x hunk x no x quad
x race