science in my life, part 1

i think about gravity a lot – especially when i am doing dishes. i think about gravity, and then about moisture moved by gravity, about air pockets, about vacuums where the moisture can hold and the microbacteria can make themselves into massive unending mold.

i think about flow a lot, how gravity pulls water, how water can flow along what seems like a flat surface, revealing the tilt. and how water is pulled towards larger bodies of water. i think about this when i am facilitating, that i am trying to make it feel like water. when a rock appears, i could say let’s stop, let’s decimate this rock. or i could say, let’s flow, let’s flow around this rock, wearing it into a shape that is pleasing to rush past, or pool up against. the creative collective body is like water – we are not a rock rolling down a hill, but many many streams, able to part trusting we are part of a greater, and then greater, and then greater body. stream, river, lake…sea! ocean!! this is a stress-relief approach to facilitation, because there is no uphill battle, no heavy lifting. there is just flow, flow, flow – find the natural path that is calling us down down down and feel our way into it, shape what we need, take what we need to the next shore.

i think about pollination a lot, related to my mind. i don’t like to research, and i don’t like to read stuff unless its really well written, creatively written, passionately written – nearly nonsensical, conversational, sci-fi, groundbreaking…so a lot of ideas don’t get me with a full frontal presentation, since they aren’t written in the style of nearly-nonsensical-groundbreaking-science-fiction. but i believe in the pollination of ideas – that i hear ideas in songs, and in passing conversations, or picked up as they manifest in pop culture. then they blossom in my dreams, in brainstorms, in writing. and then they become full-grown. and someone can say – your idea is the bastard mimic of this real idea over here. but my experience of it is – look, this idea came to me somehow, and rooted, and blossomed and morphed, and now its real for me.

and i think about reality – dimensions – what? what are these – is my experience a matrix or a reality, created, fated, free…

this is what i call the science in my life.