breaking the cycle

this came to me in a state of sick half-sleep last night.

i find the way mainstream media cycles us through scandal, drama and tragedy to be emotionally exhausting. breaking news: something horrific has just happened in a place other than where you are, there’s nothing you can do about it but accumulate tons of shocking horrible information, and we will be covering this in non-stop excruciating detail until the next horrific thing happens. in 3 weeks you won’t be thinking about this anymore, but for now it is the center of your conversations and concerns.

i have been a part of this cycle in the way i share and highlight news in my world. we all do it.

i am going to try and break the cycle, personally. i will only share and highlight stories where there is a clear actionable item, so that you knowing about it means something; or a victory, so that you can see the impact of people’s efforts for justice.

wish me luck!