wow dreams

my dreams for the past couple of nights have been so active and so awesome and so post-capitalist it’s hard to believe they are dreams.

two nights ago i dreamt i was touring a mansion with the largest pool i have ever seen, lap lanes separated by waterfalls, a massive stadium stage with the pool as the space for the audience, hot tubs in greenhouses for every bathroom. i was with a group of young women touring the house. the disgruntled daughter recruited us all to stand against her rich old white family and we were in a great battle. at some point i leapt into the daughter’s perspective. we shot permanent paintballs at them, and then stepped back into a massive spaceship full of theater-sized couch-beds and took off. we were all the women of margins, the floor of the ship was clear. we went to another world, another planet where everything looked like the italian coast. we recreated the massive mansion there. the floor of our pool was painted with figures from renoir paintings, and secret doors and passageways led from the pool into the house, through the house. the rich family somehow found us and started shooting us with white square replicators that turned every inanimate object they touched into white squares. i jumped through a quicksand passageway into an underground bunker and made my way into the house. there, another disgruntled sister knocked on the door. was she there to betray me, or make peace?

i woke up.

last night, i was in an underground world where video game rules were in effect. i could move without making a sound, shift shape, fly and drop from immense heights. i started in a club, leapt up on top of the wall and ran. the whole world was in cubicles – suburban home life in some cubes, clubs, offices, everything was in these little boxes. i was being tested for my skills in battle after battle with a black fox in a trenchcoat. i could create things out of thin air, and none of the fighting was direct, or violent – it was about how quickly we could move, what we could make, how close we could come to others without being seen. i finally made it to a place that seemed to be outside with both my boy and girl lovers. a pregnant man of immense height eventually approached us and said they were amazed at my skills, and that i had bested the black fox (was this man actually the black fox? we had clearly known each other in some way forever; was that my child he was carrying?). he invited us to meet, to talk about fighting the forces that cubed the world. i kissed my girl, dismissed my boy, and we went to scheme.

i woke up from both dreams eager to return – it was so much fun.

so i have seen the shape of massive battles that take no lives, epic fights that leave no bruise, and know that the ultimate battle is against sameness, bigness, and profit for the sake of profit.

in waking life, it is SO hard to not pass on negative news, but i stand committed. for a week now i have only posted actionable items, or successes. (hannah – in answer to your question, my general feeling is that most news services, community or not, are doing their job of getting out the negative. even if the action call is – “please be in touch with me if you are taking action” – that’s a step in the right direction.) i still follow what is going on, but now i think – is there something relevant and impactful i can do? because if not i am going to continue doing the relevant and impactful work i am engaged in. i am more effective, less distracted, spending less time on sitting in shock/awe/wonder/morbid-curiosity.

there is so much to take action on in the world.

this week i head on a trip – chicago, milwaukee, chicago, detroit – rental cars, planes, amtrak. i’m going to work with wisconsin apprentice organizing project, young women’s empowerment project, and all my detroit folks. the entire thing will be under the influence of quantum physics, as that is the subject at hand for my Friend, and thus what we are discussing most of the time. geek-love is sweet-love.

what are you dreaming these days?