diva cup

at some point i promised someone, probably myself, that i would write publicly about the diva cup.

today after a shocking surprise visit from my monthly friend, after much crazy-acting (you could use the word bitch onetimeonly as an alternate description) on my part, i was reminded that i love nothing so much as the diva cup.

and painkillers.

pads mean you are providing an external solution to an internal process.

tampons mean you are stuffing things in there to absorb, with a limitation to absorption not relative to the source of…stuff to absorb.

both pads and tampons are, for the most part, not biodegradable. they just sit somewhere, full of sacred process, forever.

this is why i love the diva cup. it collects, and it is designed to hold all that it needs to. if used right, you don’t feel it. at no point are you in a grown person’s diaper, and you aren’t risking toxic shock syndrome with bleached cotton delivered in plastic applicators that pile up in trash heaps, never to decompose.

pads and tampons are trash – a diva cup is forever.

if for some reason the diva cup doesn’t do you right, the other earth-friendly alternative is luna pads.

that’s all for today, it’s jenny lee’s birthday and the 1 year kick-off of the u.s. social forum, so i, my diva cup, and my painkillers are out the door!!