journey to vashon

3 hours of sleep
Sharon and megan scooped me in the halflight, laughing with tired faces.
They went for the gear van, dropped me on the way.
I wrote a childrens story on the plane instead of sleeping.
Ingrid Chapman found me and we caught up on Ruckus and Catalyst Project on the ride into Seattle with her pretty mom.
I found crepes, cheese, fig spread and crackers at the pike pier, then found an online cafe and worked to my hearts content.
Jonathan the poet from detroit came to check on me, later tweeted to my Friend that he saw her “boosky woosky”. So…
I walked all my things to the Ferry, and sat in the front looking for whale friends. I was the only brown person on the boat. Kindness mixed with lack of diversity is always a bit daunting to me.
Its beautiful in every direction – trees, ocean, this growth, gardens.
Saw our training site and its perfect, golden, with a bamboo structure to cover the kitchen, and new shitters.
Got to kick it hard with john sellers, my predecesor – we needed it! Got to hand with his wife and babies, all lovely and smart and magical.
Now, gonna get some sleep – in this lovely 100 year old fixer upper. The finished rooms are perfection. My bed is sooooft.
Tomorrow, the fun begins!