liveblogging last day of ussf july planning meeting

goood morning!

so there’s a lot to move through today and a shorter amount of time to do it in.

today we hope to resolve these major areas of decisions:
– how program framing, tracks, plenaries, and submission process can happen
– approve budget
– criteria for new working groups and new coordinating team members
– criteria for who represents us internationally
– transitioning into the new structure
– creating and approving a hiring process


we are having a deep air clearing around class. it’s deep to even try to open the conversation. we are talking about how we build trust in a huge and high pressure situation like this, how to work together. we are trying to strike the balance between how do we have the deep political conversations that need to be had where we learn about each other and our work and our visions and commitments.

we are alive! that was a powerful conversation where the process heads met the content heads, the touchy feely met the doers, the personal experience met the political experience, the needs of the younger generations met the wisdom of the older generations, the assumptions met the reality. just met each other, didn’t get to go all deep. but! we acknowledged there’s a lot to do, and there are suggestions for how we move forward together, primarily: that we commit to moving forward together. feels like a release to actually move forward.

now we are in small groups to come up with proposals for what we need to decide today. we are developing a hiring process, resource mobilization, the practices of the working groups, and the framework of the program.


the small groups process has led us to have a large group conversation around which decisions happen at which level. its a lot of responsibility to figure this out…

— this is too deep for a quick report out – will post more tomorrow!