had a lovely day today with my little sister!

she ran the sf 1/2 marathon (ouch), then we went to get tattoos and massages. the tattoos were her idea, she knew what she wanted, and it looks fantastic. i was inspired, and i have wanted to get a tat while i’m 30, so we reached out and got guidance via twitter on who was the best.

i got the labyrinth, which i first saw in 2000 in the book blue highways. that was a hopi labyrinth, and i connected immediately with the image. since then i’ve seen it in so many places, and traced it back to so many places – recently i learned it roots in my own celtic lineage.

here’s a picture:

adriennes labyrinth
adrienne's labyrinth

as with my other two tattoos, its in my own hand. i found a few images i liked and then drew it in a way that reflected my favorite aspects of each one. its the biggest piece i’ve gotten and i love it. its also deep because the hopi elder prophecy stays in my head all the time. something ancient moving through lines too deep for me to know…

then much needed body rubdowns. i dont even grasp how people can run marathons, much less not go automatically into massage afterwards.