so far, so good

So this is the end of my 30th year and I feel like things are going great. Here’s a few things I have observed, or feel fairly certain of:

1. Transformation is cyclical and constant.

2. I am a nudist at heart.

3. Wisdom is not awarded with age, though it can be accumulated over time.

4. Children are humans at our best.

5. Failure versus success is a false paradigm; there is only living, learning and change.

6. Actions speak louder than words, and words are important and should be used with the intention to make things better.

7. Critical, radical reactions are easy, visionary adaptive solutions are challenging, and more interesting.

8. The human body is miraculous, regardless of color, ability, sex, height, weight, or whatever other aspects we can judge…the breath, the blood, the systems. Apply your gifts towards a life befitting the miraculous.

9. Yay sex/pleasure/touch!

10. I am a singer. I have a capacity to heal with song that I am just beginning to learn about.

11. I want to surround myself with people who do the right thing when no one is looking.

12. I feel a part of the planet when I am in nature; I feel a part of humanity when I am with my family; I feel a part of history when I do my work.

13. My sisters are the truth, and I love how we are leaves from the same tree, flames from a common fire – I need them.

14. I am radical love – its what I am doing and being at all times.

15. I think living within my watershed, and within my food shed, is an exciting way to move into a sustainable future.

16. I’ve been around half the world, and love every place I’ve seen so far.

17. I have to write.

18. I know nothing, I am always in beginner’s mind.

19. I also have experienced a lot, and can share it with others as we learn together.

20. The gifts I have given myself that mattered are: patience, permission, time with my family and my love, and time spent in meditation and physical activity.

21. I love scuba diving, swimming, baths, hot tubs and all things water. I am water, it balances and reminds me that all the universe is in flow.

22. My greatest privilege is the way my parents have always loved each other. Seeing that, I will always believe love can conquer history and borders.

23. I still want to live in Paris, though I know the future is growing in Detroit.

24. Im blessed to love someone who is fundamentally good. I would always choose such love over loneliness.

25. Solitude is an imperative aspect of self-awareness.

26. The older I get the less I own, and the less I need.

27. My sorrows have carved out the space for my joy, and my joy is great…I am learning to see sorrow as a knife increasing the space around my heart so it can get larger.

28. Science fiction has given me a better analysis than college did.

29. My dearest friends know me so well we hardly have to speak, and when we do its torrential and exciting.

30. I am at my best when I am fully present.

On that note, time to center myself. Just like that, I’m 31.