outlaw in mexico

tomorrow i head to mexico for the first time as an adult, to Opportunity Collaboration where people with resources will be speaking about ending poverty/economic justice. i am going to speak about what action ready, community-centered societies do to liberate us from the idea and experience of poverty.

i have a long and uplifting report back from the past couple of weeks – i had the third weekend of somatics and social justice training, and then the closing weekend of the movement generation retreat – which was all focused on solutions. i want to share all of that with you because it has me thinking about how we become centered enough to do radical things, if radical things are what’s necessary for our long-term survival.

especially in the light of this news this morning, that a US appellate court has ruled that “encouraging civil disobedience is not protected as free speech.” we are being backed against a wall, forced to consent to the destruction of our planet, to go along with it. this is absolutely a time when we must not be afraid to act for the seven generations to come, even as the powers that be try to quiet our resistance.

a moment is emerging when we will be outlaws in this system that hopes to disconnect us from each other and from the planet; but we will be right according to traditional, and indigenous, and universal laws, which we can FEEL inside of us, telling us there is another way we are meant to live, one that is sustainable and just and available to us right now. so, as boots riley said, “let’s be outlaws.”