funk lessons, and your costume might be ignant if…

last night i got my first funknight experience – very large party (which isn’t really my thing) with very good music (which is very my thing) and lots of people watching (which is my favorite thing). there was so much to watch.

a few observations on the practice of dressing up at this moment in history:

– there was a time when costumes were created and creative…this year it struck me once again that halloween is primarily an opportunity for women to show off their naughty side. the number one costume i saw (and wore myself) was “cleavage”. even i cast withering eyes at myself…
– some white people consider dressing up as other races and/or ethnicities the ‘coolest’. evidence: a couple last night in full native american faux-traditional outfits, a white man walked by with a turban on. when he stopped to speak to people he affected an awful accent. another white couple walked in front of me, him with an empty bottle that said FORTY on the front, her with baby dolls wrapped around her like bullets.
– those white people and others should stop wearing such costumes, or tolerating it amongst their friends.
– there is no size, shape, color or type of person who isn’t cute as max from where the wild things are.
– an unfortunate majority of people spend more time waiting to be seen than rocking their outfits. our generation needs a jolt of freedom.

some truths occurred to me, listening to the live funk band Will Sessions and the DJs. I call these funk lessons:

– Make an entrances worth the change in tempo
– Don’t be afraid to let it come over them slow, let them move to it before the know what you playin
– Wear it, don’t let it wear you…do it, don’t let it do you
– Embody your emotions. Let the pain come through as welcome as the joy…it’s just you
– Getting on stage doesn’t make you a better dancer, only freedom makes you a better dancer.