somewhere between apocalypse and christmas

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did you know that we are on track to lose nearly half of the world’s population in next 200 years due to climate change? (via @aliciagarza)

today i had an absolutist thought, which happens rarely, inspired by the reports from copenhagen and other things in life: When it comes to climate & ecological justice, you are with the future, or you are against it.

now mind you, I just went to see 2012, and it was one of those fantastical relief moments. fantastical because of the very idea that you can outrun the apocalypse….hop in a plane and just take off as the ground splits beneath you, outrun a tsunami, get on a boat and outfloat the flooding and transforming of the world.

the relief was that there was an honesty about power and privilege in the movie – the only folks who would survive were heads of G8 states and billionaires who could afford a ticket.

there was also a relief because there was no human blame in the crisis. there was a big sunburst that shifted our whole {insert science talk here} and suddenly the tectonic plates under every major city in the world were shifting. it was deep to watch it, knowing that we are engaged in behaviors daily that make a slower catastrophe unavoidable.

knee-jerk reaction: entertaining, visually dazzling destruction. mr danny glover plays a commendable obama…or “other black president in 2009-2012”.


now the holiday season is approaching, and i usually spend the whole time making fun of my mother as she listens to non-stop christmas music. but here is a christmas special that is truly pleasing to the ears. the 34th minute when she sings “oh come let us adore him” with her cousins? i just like to watch this woman unleash her voice on people.

counting down to when i get to see my family and soak up their love.

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