the $20,000 spiderbite, and oh haiti oh…

today was not a good day for my bank account. some checks due to me were late. some checks given to me bounced. and a lot of parking tickets that were once small pounded into me like a bunch of massive snowballs rolled all the way from california. and the bill came in for my mysterious ‘spiderbite/compost’ hospital stay. $20,000!! and we still don’t ACTUALLY know what caused it!

i was telling my favorite canadian how grateful i was that i am only responsible for figuring out how to pay a couple thousand of it, and she said it was so sad that anyone would have to pay for medical care. right. reframing, reframing.

but it is deep how fast your story can become a story of multiple jobs and impossible debt.

but i can’t even keep any focus on the money right now, because there is this crisis in haiti that is beyond my comprehension. earth, quake. such a terrifying thought for those of us who live on earth, that she can just quake, just quiver, and destroy a nation.

i finally slowed down enough to actually read the news, look at the pictures, do more than just give money, feel the crisis that is happening, feel the fragility and incapability of any human infrastructure to respond in a meaningful way. in the way that we do in this information age, we quickly become experts on haiti, on the politics of the nation, on the places to point and finger out blame.

but what we need to become is experts on generosity. i was told of two organizations that are trustworthy, credible places to give.

Partners in Health

we can discuss the politics later.

with love for all those who struggle…