many kinds of love

as we head towards a strange mainstream celebration of love, a new friend reminded me of this poem i wrote for my nephew in 2008:


my sweet new one

holy discovery of the day

wide eyed, wide, opened wide

sweet smell, just-here smell

of clean

of new-to-the-world

of softest skin

skin with the tiniest

and fragile hair

all the softest kind of cover

changing-daily skin

my sweet loved one

your mouth shaped like kiss and suckle

a place to sense + taste + learn


dependent and strong

standing, shaking with effort

head held high

bones committing to solidarity

you will walk

you will run

you are as new as the daily sun

and it made me think that it’s time for another one, so here it is:

Finn 2

you shriek when you see me
you clap and you giggle
you run to the door and
turn circles and wiggle

from perfection
you grow ever dearer to me
lion heart golden boy
you, the newest of friends

and i, full of wonder
at all things you do
know the miracle is current, ever prevalent in you

the unknown is leading
and you, leaning into
i learn from the ease
with which rage comes and leaves you

your mind is working, all out of bounds
and i wouldn’t be the one to rein you in
i come to your edge, prepared to jump off
it’s the joy of my life
finn, sweet finn.

i am having a moment of complete alignment with happiness. i feel like i have everything i need right now – fully engaged in my work, fully engaged in my relationships with friends and family and loved ones. the more i work, the happier i am. the more i reach out and make plans with my family the happier i am. the more i connect with folks on strategic actions that excite me? i mean happy isn’t even the word – it’s love. the more i do things i love, with people i love, the more love i experience. i grasp that it’s limitless.

it’s the only advice i can give these days, the only answer to any question…do you love it? are you acting from love? can you feel my love? do you need some more love?

i got you.