the upside

today i missed my flight home from nyc to detroit. i really wanted to make that flight. BUT…

i trekked back to my sister’s house, and when i arrived my nephew went bananas. he did a dance of such explicit ecstasy and wonder that i truly had to ask myself if i could maintain any anger or annoyance at the ignorant delta staffers who foiled my homebound journey. we played our abstract game of chase, where he runs around just slow enough that i can catch him. then i became The Monster Who Can’t See Finn…i can see everything else, and i can smell Finn, but for some reason i never see him. this titillates him beyond belief, and he’s able to feel what i feel – totally present and joyful. it is healthy and healing to laugh as hard as he makes me laugh, and to be as creative and silly and smart and present as he makes me.

so i didn’t make my flight, and i am not where i wanted to be tonight, with the person i wanted to be with.

but in every instance of life, there is an upside. when you aren’t sure, look for what is most alive.