things i know

toilet paper is best when rolling over.

the next roll should be within easy arm’s reach.

olive oil tastes better from a dribbler.

real butter is worth it.

i have to sing, and i have to write. have to.

there are certain songs that will come into my head and not leave till i have sung them 100 times alone. right now “i can’t make you love me” is the song. i think it relates to how i watch organizers struggle so hard to do what’s needed for their communities, when what is most needed is love and trust.

i am working too hard, and barely meeting the need.

i love being in the water. when i am in the water every day, i accomplish more on land.

it pleases me to read several things at once, and keep them stacked open all around the house.

i love carl sagan.

not all of us will get There, and those most likely to get There are the ones who can surrender to the realization that we cannot even imagine There, just have faith that it exists.

the world is too small for grudges – she literally cannot bear the load unless it is buried.

privilege is bliss. in the same way ignorance is. its the kind of bliss that hurts others.

sex can be more important than conversation.

octavia butler was a prophet.

frida was braver than diego.

i love creatives, black people, babies and children, people who don’t value themselves by the amount of money they do or don’t have, solution thinking, accountability, and liberation.

i miss the dedication of my late dog, sugarfoot.

sea salt, ground coarse pepper, sesame oil, fresh lemon, garlic cloves, braggs, olive oil, rice vinegar, honey mustard, and honey –> with this you can rock just about any dish.

chocolate trumps everything else.

the capacity to love never stops growing. i only thought i knew love till i met her. i only thought i knew love till i met my nephew.

loving is different from thinking.

actions speak louder than words.

if you see yourself as a victim, and your only politic is oppositional, then you are a conspirator in your own oppression.

but you can liberate yourself…

also, i know magic.