mind blown

yesterday was one of the highlight days of my life.

i sat in a room with people like me, as octavia butler might suggest are ‘close in the pattern’. we were there because hip-hop artist invincible pulled us together to have a round table on concepts she is exploring for her next album project – complex sciences and social movements.

we got to hear from a teacher who addresses racism and misogyny with her 5th graders. she broke down for us how important it is to address social justice through a science lens. she taught us that many of the foundations of superiority – racial, gender and other – are grounded in scientific processes of measuring craniums and leaping to conclusions about mental capacity.

we had presentations and deep conversations on decentralization, small-scale and relationship-based organizing, adaptive and facilitative leadership, the singularity, indigenous technology and time travel.


the other people on this journey included writers, healers, facilitators, organizers, artists. we danced around each others minds, connected and explored.

at the end of the day i got to speak with a friend who is a doula on the path to being a midwife. this has been a recent call in my life that i am trying to determine how to respond to…a doula? a doula. a doula!?

the whole way home i was processing all of these new ideas, new structures, new metaphors, new ways of things. i thought about how octavia butler’s writing speaks to all of this and what a scholarly engagement with her work could yield. i thought about healing and useful skills in a community. i thought about major lessons on how organizing works and how to share that information.

i thought until 5 am! it’s been a long time since my mind was so active till the wee hours of the morning.

i cant stop thinking. my mind is blown all open – i know its all possible. that’s inspiring and invigorating. it makes me feel completely alive. what would make you this excited?

dwell on it, manifest it, begin to do it every day.