don’t settle.

there is this pledge which came into my life through the art of change yearlong. i want to share it here, again:

– i am at peace with the life i am leading
– i take responsibility for my life and my choices
– i make changes in my lifestyle that i want to make
– i don’t complain about what i am not committed to change
– i am at peace with that which is not changeable.

there is a vast space between being at peace and settling. our lives are a gift! all that breath moving through us, the way we can feel one with each other, the marvelous pain and pleasure of the body. we aren’t here to numb it out and just get by – we must struggle against any systems within or beyond ourselves that suggest we should curl up and accept less than a deeply present, deeply fulfilling life.

what you practice is who you are. don’t practice settling, tucking away your dreams in a self-deferral process you think you deserve for some crimes you didn’t commit. practice radical forgiveness and acts of expansive kindness and wholeness – to yourself and to everyone you meet.

your life is not a litany of sins and mistakes – it was all learning, and the lesson is that you deserve the best life, a deeply good life, that you have to let go of self-denial for it, and it’s a fight to the death to submit constantly to the calling within you, that deeper calling to what you are MEANT TO BE and how you are MEANT TO LOVE.

the pledge is just between you and the miracle of your life – to let it come.

don’t settle!