Giving Clear Directions

I can’t remember where I learned this exercise that helps people develop their listening and direction-giving skills, but I can’t find it online and think folks should use it so here goes:

Identify 1 person who is the survivor.

Identify one person who is the director.

Everyone else is the team.

The survivor comes up with a list of 5-10 things they personally need to survive on the moon. It can be things related to actual survival, or anything they want. {Sample list: Octavia Butler’s entire collection, unlimited Skittles & M&Ms, a solar-powered vibrator, oxygen supply, my boo}

Survivor and Director step outside the room, and Survivor tells Director the list. This is the first round of giving clear direction and taking direction well, focused on the 1-on-1 setting. The Director can/should ask clarifying questions to make sure s/he grasps what Survivor needs.

Now, Director goes in the room and tells the team what the list is. They have 1 minute to get the list and make sure they understand the list before the Director leaves. This is stage 2 of giving instructions and listening, from 1-to-Group. The director is practicing giving clear instructions, while the group practices listening and asking the right clarifying questions.

As the final step, the survivor comes in the room and the director goes out. Now, the team has to give the survivor everything s/he needs to survive on the moon!

Then director comes back in the room and the group debriefs how it did!

This is like a telephone game with more parts. Detroit Summer used it today as part of their orientation process and said it worked great 🙂

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