forgiveness is the freedom to pull the trigger. let go or run away.

well known secret to all my friends – i watch tv on hulu while i work. the more high speed chases the faster and more productive my work. the more mysterious, the more creative my movement pontifications. so this was a hard week for me, as both lost and 24 culminated in series finales.

i’m not feeling it – the repetitive, never ending background noise of these shows has been a part of my life for years. i don’t really care if they were bad or good shows, they delivered what i needed and i stayed committed to not overthinking them.

that said, here are my thoughts on the conclusions, in the order i watched them…


life is a dream, a collective dream. alive, dead, who knows what we are, or where in time?

our belief in this world makes this world possible – our belief in another world makes it equally possible.

some things seem to hold true through all our imaginings: light is within us and within the world. it is only by realizing we can’t escape it (in fact we have to protect it, on faith) (and in fact our whole purpose is to be here with each other), and must accept the love that comes to us in whatever forms it comes, that we can truly be free.

whatever it means to pass over for you, there is a possibility to cross into the paradise of the real, a new collective dream beyond our imagining.

the look on each person’s face – the laughing tears – the release on jack’s face as he gave in and let go?…was perfect.

now…my take on the series finale of 24?

24 was such a more fantastical series than LOST ever was. the fantasies of a) good governmental intentions, b) uncompromising integrity and c) escalating means towards some patriotic ends that justify horrific behavior – it was all wrapped up in such a rush of a package. as an adrenaline junkie i was totally caught up in the multiple screens of action, all the while standing outside myself (like most activist-organizer folks i know who indulge in this particular kind of pop-porn) asking, “self, what is wrong with you?”

the pace was predictable, the storylines repetitive – good guy is the bad guy, now is good guy again, someone’s family member is collateral, and anyone jack loves is gonna die. and jack always knows before anyone else. and yet – beep beep beep. i simply must iterate that i wish we could be satisfied with leaving this stuff as fiction.

goodbye to my two jacks and your casts of characters in your fantastical worlds. i’ll miss you both, and try to fight the good fight without you.