my uniform

for some reason i love uniforms.

i am a military brat – not so complicated.

i love to look incredible while spending almost no time on getting dressed. when i buy jewelry it mostly ends up decorating my wall. i love the idea of a simple life, few belongings that are made well to last, of traveling light in this world.

so i think i have found the elements of my basic uniform for my early 30s. these items brought me out of a long stint of not shopping, which i will now return to, having gotten the pieces together.

the clothing is all designed by architect/furniture designer/fashionista trudy miller. her idea is to create clothing that makes women feel incredible in their bodies. she has made pieces which make me think of william gibson’s books where a coolhunter who actually hates trends and fashion wears a ‘skirt thing’ that transforms from skirt to dress, long to short.

the shoes are tom’s – for each pair you buy, a pair is donated to a kid who needs them. and they are incredibly comfortable, and simple. i have been waiting for shoes like this.

just wanting to share for any of y’all who also like uniforms and are looking for bits.

now back to work 🙂