evaluating the debrief and debriefing the evaluation

just to say this here: pour in your all, and then detach yourself from the outcomes. vandana shiva said something like this, and so did the buddha. its easier said than done.

tomorrow we begin a three day evaluation meeting for the us social forum. i have been in the position to hear the internal and external debriefs from lots of folks, read lots of reports, take in lots of info. the negative and the positive, across the spectrum.

one evaluation that came in said there were two forums – the one everyone experienced, and then the one that the staff and Detroit and planning committee all worked on and intended.

i think there’s more like thousands of forums, and that’s still just a sliver of the thousands and thousands of experiences people have trying to build movement in this country, a speck of the millions of experiences people have trying to build movement worldwide.

now it’s time to look back at the work, and think about how it happened. there’s so many opinions to bring in, and weave together from that something that can actually serve the greater purpose of movement building in the u.s.

so i head in with the intention to pour myself fully into this process again. and then to let go, to remember that there were so many experiences, and that we are in an experiment, learning as we go.

so. let’s go.