Recovery (from Nichola Torbett)

Got this in my inbox from Nichola Torbett with the Seminary of the Street and felt it was a great way to examine personal need for transformation. Check it out:

Could you benefit from Recovery from the Dominant Culture?

The only requirement for membership in the Recovery from the Dominant Culture (RDC) fellowship is a desire to be more fully alive. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from attending our meetings, these questions may help you decide.

1. Do you find yourself doing and saying things that do not reflect your deepest values or your highest vision for the world?
2. Do you sometimes wonder if this is all there is to life, or struggle with meaninglessness or despair?
3. Do you worry frequently about money or about the future?
4. Do you worry about what others are thinking of you?
5. Do you compare yourself to others?
6. Do you find it hard to take care of or love yourself?
7. Do you have “secrets” and feel as if you have to hide your failures, mistakes, and vulnerabilities?
8. Do you have trouble speaking up when injustice happens?
9. Do you overextend yourself and become exhausted?
10. Do you have difficulty identifying, trusting, or expressing your feelings?
11. Do you find yourself trying to control people or situations?
12. Are you constantly angry, or do you have trouble expressing anger at all?
13. Do you often make decisions based on what will please, appease, or satisfy others rather than on what would be good for you?
14. Do you crave approval or praise from others and fear criticism?
15. Do you find yourself competing with others for power, status, or credit?
16. Do you worry about whether you have been productive enough?
17. Have you had trouble with compulsive use of food, alcohol, drugs, television, the Internet, sex, or work, or do you tend toward obsessive relationships?
18. Do you have trouble with intimate relationships?
19. Do you become obsessed with perfection?
20. Do you have trouble giving love, receiving love, or both?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from Recovery from the Dominant Culture.