Organizing Trick: Stop, Drop and Roll

(just unearthed this from a journal amidst songs and poems i am transferring to my hard drive. thought y’all would get a kick out of it…)

if something is off – in your team/organization, your plan/strategy, your integrity, your message?


don’t keep going on a path that is flagging itself in your awareness.


breath, connect, be more vulnerable, call everyone into seriousness (the post-bullshit zone), review your guiding principles, get your collective selves to a deeper level of consciousness before moving on.


find the right path forward, and it will open up before you like a red carpet, a parted sea, a birth canal, a snowball down a hill.

years ago my boys Biko, Khari and Dave would flame each other up – “you on fire!” – when something was off.

don’t sit there on fire.

stop, drop down to the miracle that keeps you in this work, and roll forward with gravity.