Spring Cleaning 101

I have blogged about this before, but it’s too liberating not to share again. While other folks start spring cleaning with, like, actual cleaning, I get inspired by going through my clothes, moving towards simplicity.

So here goes, my guide to spring cleaning:

1) Pull all of your clothes out onto the bed. Include scarves, jewelry, shoes – everything.

2) Using love as the determining factor, separate the items into four piles:

Pile A: Things you love, that look amazing on you, and are right for the coming season.

Pile B: Items in good shape which you no longer love. These are donations to your local shelter

Pile C: Gifts for friends

Pile D: Items out of season to store til the weather changes again

I also keep a little area of sentimental clothes that should never be worn again, but hold a memory.

3. Bag up pile B, distribute pile C ASAP, and store pile D away til the weather changes.

(If you are inspired, or have inspired friends, you can do a clothing swap before you give the donations.)

4. What you are left with, pile A, should be only things you love. Of these, some might need mending. If you don’t intend to actually mend it, move it to one of the other piles.

5. The rest put in your drawer or closet or where else you keep your things.

Ultimately you want to be able to pull literally anything in your closet out to wear and know it will look and feel fabulous.

6. Now, apply the same thinking and process to:

– linens. what sheets and towels do you actually need? give the rest to someone who needs them.
– the refrigerator. in good shape, fridge is all fresh food with condiments you go through quickly…don’t have a fridge full of rotting food while neighbors go hungry.
– the pantry. if you aren’t going to eat it, get it to someone who will.

7. Now, in which ever order it pleases you, deep sweep, deep dusting, deep scrubbing, deep cleaning. Think of each piece of work as clearing your mind and heart for the next phase of life, which will require your whole attention.

8. Then, get a good haircut.

You’re ready for the spring.