Self-Image Workshop

I just did a workshop for Detroit Summer‘s 2011 Summer Program Youth that was really fun and short. I offer it up here in case other folks want to use it!


Self-Image Workshop (1 Hour)

    1) writing exercise

(10 minutes):
– how do you see yourself?
– how do others see you?
– how does how Others see you impact how you see yourself?

pair/share (6 minutes)
– each person share for 3 minutes: what did you just learn about the impact of others on your self-esteem?

    2) identity

writing exercise
– what makes up your identity? (1 minute)
(if needed, explain what identity is, as opposed to personality traits. identity is race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, etc) write the most visible facets of your identity clearly on a post-it note.

– unveil/populate grid (15 minutes):

x axis: least accepted <--> most accepted
y axis: proud <--> ashamed

looking at your identity – are these areas places of pride? place your identities up on this grid based on how have you felt the majority of your life?

discussion: what is the relationship between what is accepted in the world, and how you experience your own self-image?

note that in terms of self-image, the least accepted + proud quadrant often = revolutionary

    3) how to transform society through transforming self-identity.

(20 min total)

unveil image that shows that society is made up of communities.

encourage participants to think of each identity area as it’s own community. black community, gay community, etc.

how can we transform a community self-image?

what makes up communities?

how do you transform your own self-image image?

–> small groups to come up with share best strategies you have used to transform your self-image in the past. (10 min to brainstorm)

each group shares one strategy at a time, and keep going around the circle of groups til all the strategies have been shared with NO repeats!

–> share examples of people reclaiming a wider range of identities to accept, feel proud of [phat camp, young women’s empowerment project, etc]

    4) closing (1 minute)

close eyes, stand up tall. deep breath. what would it feel like to feel fully confident in who you are? how would you feel in your body? in your mind?

now everyone yell: “i am priceless!