where i will be during the allied media conference

in case you want to give me a hug, say hi, or indulge in the things i think are awesome, here is where I will be during the amc:

Writing Sci-Fi Together, Friday 10:45 am, McGregor L

workshop | For all ages | #AMC2011 #writingscifi

* Walidah Imarisha, Co-Editor, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from the Movement
* Adrienne Maree Brown, Co-Editor, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from the Movement

Walidah Imarisha (along with Adrienne Maree Brown) is in the process of editing an anthology of original science fiction from organizers/activists, with the belief that we who work for change hold powerful visions of alternate realities and futures within us that manifest in our work, and need to manifest in our stories. In this session, facilitators will guide participants through a set of exercises to brainstorm ideas and then write a collective science fiction piece, imagining a new possible together.


Opening Ceremony, 5:30, Community Arts Auditorium
(The tracks have co-created this brief dip into the whole intersectional amazing conference.)

ReBirthing: From Pathology to Power, Saturday 5:30pm, McGregor Room L
caucus | Not interesting for kids | #AMC2011 #rebirthing
Presenter: Detroit Full Circle Doula Collective

This session is for birth workers, doulas, abortion support people, midwives and anyone else engaged/interested in providing emotional, physical and educational support to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy (pre-natal, abortion, adoption, birth, postpartum care) in home birth, birthing center, hospital or prison experiences. Together we will examine how to transform reproductive cycles in our communities from pain or pathology to power, using creative media strategies for access to care and information across the digital divide. Regardless of your level of experience, come share your communication strategies, ideas, stories, and wisdom in facilitated large group discussions and break-out groups.


Strategic Science Fiction Reader Caucus, with a Splash of Transformative Justice, Sunday 10am, McGregor M
strategy session | For all ages | #AMC2011 #scifitj

* Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Revolution Starts At Home
* Jenna Peters-Golden, Philly Stands Up
* Adrienne Maree Brown & Alexis Pauline Gumbs

This session will be dedicated to developing strategic reading guides for our favorites science fiction authors/series. We’ll unveil the Octavia Butler Strategic Reader, developed by AMC participants in 2010. Then we will identify the sci-fi authors/series most known to participants in the room (from LeGuin to Battlestar Gallactica), and break into small groups to develop as many strategic reading guides as possible! Special room will be given to the Science Fiction and Transformative Justice breakout group, where we’ll examine the ways radical science fiction novels like The Fifth Sacred Thing, Woman on the Edge of Time, Dhalgren and The Dispossessed have found to deal with violence and harm and how we can use them to create a world without prisons.


Why & How to Start a Facilitation Cohort, Sunday 2:30pm McGregor J
workshop | For all ages | #AMC2011 #facilitation

Adrienne Maree Brown, AMP/EMEAC/Food Justice/Digital Justice

Facilitation is the art of holding a group together through visioning, planning, conflict, growth, loss, and change. It can be done from outside or within a group. It requires heightened awareness of self and others, listening, willingness to follow the group, and willingness to be transformed. A facilitation cohort is a group of people who determine that together they are going to grow their collective capacity to hold space – in a community, an organization, an issue area, or a process. Through reflection and skillsharing, the group grows themselves, and becomes a force for solution, safety and transformation in their community. Get involved with the citywide facilitation cohort in Detroit, or take the tools home with you to start cohorts in your area of work.


Closing Ceremony, McGregor Lobby
Celebration, babies, awesome!!


Then to the Cass Corridor Commons for the Midwest Health and Healing Gathering 7-10pm Sunday evening.