small things that make me happy in big ways

swimming every day. every day that i can. some days i can do a long workout with weights and resistance, and some days i can only knock out 20 minutes of laps, but it feels great.

keeping the kitchen clean. sparkling countertops, empty sink, swept floor, organized fridge, everything in it’s place. the effect is that when i walk in, i want to create in that space. i smile as i leave the house, and i smile when i come home.

the look they get. the look on finn and siobhan’s faces when they see me. its like love, happiness, excitement, auntie joy, pure fun, curiosity and more love.

biking. getting somewhere because you put your whole body into it is satisfying. it feels right – we have lost respect for distance, for getting from point a to point b. and getting to see detroit from my bike is so sweet – this city is so green, and so much is happening at all times. people are living, being in community, surviving – it looks different outside of the car.

there’s more things…those are just my favorite right now.