new words for new times

i have been wanting new words to fit this moment. i started coming up with words – mashing up words and remixing them…here is what i have come up with so far. i cannot vouch that no one has ever said them before, and i don’t feel like researching so much as just feeling creative.

do you have additions?

macrophilia: the fetishization of large scale change and ideas, often not rooted in reality and/or practice at the local level.

micro deficit disorder (MDD): the inability to understand that change has to happen at a micro level before it can manifest at the macro level.

microvisionary: someone who is incredibly innovative at seeing small scale changes and creating local transformation, and/or seeing the next most elegant step in a change process.

post-capitalism: the era we are heading into, where we shift priority from profits to people/planet, building an economy of relationships. we will look back on period of unchecked capitalism as a dark age for humanity, an age of social, global and spiritual immaturity.

rescaling: treatments and/or processes to help someone think at appropriate scale for the resources they actually have, and/or the resources of the planet.

shouldite: someone who fears doing work themselves, and primarily communicates in the frame of what others should do (in the form of suggestions)

unific: the incredible, magical energetic feeling of being one with another, with community, with society/humanity, with all existence.