fairy tale first moments

i know how Cinderella felt, the day after.

last night I got the honor of singing, publicly, for my first moments of 2012!

not just singing, but singing dressed as an ice queen, with Tunde Olaniran, one of my favorite performing artists. we sang ‘like a virgin’, as the first song of 2012, on a set with LED-lit trees as the wilderness I was making it through.

it’s a deep and gorgeous song, and I belted my heart out through the cold. it felt incredible! Tunde and his dancers are dreamy to work with.

costumer-for-the-future Christine sprinkled fairy dust all over my face, at tunde’s instruction: ‘give me tilda swinton, narnia.’

before I went up, dj/amp family Diana (aka mother cyborg) led us all in a gorgeous pledge. excerpt: ‘I will live this year as if it is the last on earth. I will treat family, friends, aliens and robots with love and compassion. so say we all!’ there was much more brilliance, I will try and get the full text.

and then afterwards I was swept away by my own very dashing prince charming.

now it’s morning, I’m on my way to see my parents, my cold is back after an adrenalin-induced recession, and yeah, I may have left a shoe somewhere.

its a gorgeous clear morning, there’s glitter all over and I can’t stop smiling.

hi 2012. I’m ready.