community supported sabbatical



I’m here in the international terminal, about to board a flight to paris and begin a journey of three months, most of it on my own. I keep expecting to wake up and I keep finding myself in this waking dream!

I have been safety checked by all my family, feted and celebrated and loved on by all of my friends, and this trip was conceived of by my love ilana weaver and is supported by over 50 people now financially and hundreds in myriad other ways – permission, truth telling, advice, favorite spots to visit, seeing me.

the importance of that – that you all are pressing love into my back and wind up under my wings – makes this possible. I literally would have never made it without my community. everyone should experience this beloved community, being seen and held and loved by more people than I can ever properly thank.

my intentions are to love myself more, trust myself more, and learn about my health and my peace on this journey.

I’ll be in touch 🙂