Barcelona 1

I have fallen so in love with Barcelona! and I haven’t even been to the beach yet!

this is mostly because of gaudi, an architect and visionary who created these sumptuous space travel underwater looking magic buildings and spaces all over this city. he is teaching me another lesson about creating: if there are things within you which have no translation in your world, it is that much more imperative that you articulate them in tangible form. to introduce something new to the world, which is the best argument for why you exist, and to show others that there are still new perspectives to be explored, that humanity’s greatest contributions of beauty, of the sacred, of love, may be before us still.

I also love the architecture, walking the city, the calcotes, the tapas, the familiarity to other European cities, the unique mixture of this particular place, the squatting movements, the friends of friends I have gotten to eat and play with, the way spanish is not the first language here at all – I’m learning a lot, a hot mess of words keeps coming out of my mouth.

still having a hard time relaxing, so today I tossed my plans out the window.