What a good day. My senses, my awareness is awakening so much in the absence of my ‘doing’ life.

I finished NK jemison’s inheritance trilogy today, marvelous and imaginative and truly places the mortal-divine construct in a new light. Then sunbathed a while, went in the ocean a while.

Then I went to the ruins, which I will write a whole post about, but I was blown away by three things: 1) I smelled my grandparents home in the jungle on the way into the ruins and it felt like a love note from my grandfather, 2) I followed a trail of ants for half a mile til they went too deep in the jungle for me to follow but wow, there must have been millions of them so focused, and 3) I was overcome by a sense of humanity’s future, a tangible longing.

I walked home in the darkness on the beach, challenging the fear usually produced by my active imagination (is that a seal? A dragon? Oh god…oh it’s a log. Whew. Safe once more!) and watched the moon, Venus and Orion come out. The scale of it all.

Then a white cat crossed my path. That must mean good luck.

Tomorrow, I’m going scuba diving.