I just got back from my second day of scuba diving. I forgot that scuba diving is my happy place. I’m glad I waited til near the end of this trip or I would spend all my food money on dives.

Yesterday was in the ocean, it was incredible and kind of scary, big waves. I got seasick after the dive, clinging to the side of the boat while I relinquished whatever was in my body that could be taken. But it’s the ocean underneath, gorgeous coral and tons of fish.

On the way back the guide said, the cenotes have better visibility…I had decided no cenotes for me after being told they are ‘caves where Mayans did sacrifices, full of ancient glacier water and bats, which you get lowered down into on a rope.’ naw son. The way bats and I work is by coexisting without seeing each other.

But actually there are tons of kinds of cenotes, i learned, all fresh water, some are exposed underground rivers, some are glacier melt, they are sacred in different ways. So I signed up.

Wow! It was like nothing I’ve ever seen – truly another world, I think gaudi designed it. The Cenote we went to, casa Cenote, is open on the top, with mangrove trees all around. You swim under their roots and the rock and dirt that holds them, caves and algae that looks like red shag carpet, cracks in the rock that feel like flying above the very center of the earth. There were snorkelers too, but they don’t get the caves, that’s where you feel the mystery of existence and gravity and time.

So now I am researching dives in costa rica to do with my sisters, and dives in Hawaii. What a perfect gift/skill to remember. There’s lots of study on the physical and emotional healing properties of diving. My body feels strong and capable, and I feel brave again.

Tomorrow I’m going to get in one more dive before packing up my cabana. This has been a truly perfect two weeks, creative beyond my wildest imagining, and I think I’m sleeping 10 hours a night, I get tired when the sun is gone, by 8pm. Feels like I am catching up in years of sleep, as my body and mind restore.

I know this sounds all tropical heaven influenced, but I find that most of the things which are restoring me are everyday activities. Sleeping, creaove time, walking meditation, listening to music and not doing anything else at the same time. I have to remember this.

there’s even time for dreams.