i’m so in love

I took this trip to find this feeling, this falling. I am falling totally in love with myself! this is one of the ‘goals’ of this time that was gifted to me from so many loved ones, and the learning i am doing is deep and clear. and it’s marvelous 🙂

here’s what I have learned so far:

loving myself is not the end of how I have been – it’s the acceptance of who I am. it is taking responsibility for my safety, my joy, my ways of being, for any pain I cause, for any work to which I am called being done well.

loving myself is not the forgetting of all I have done – it’s the remembering of how I have lived, how I got here. it is being awake and intentional about the ways I live, the choices I make each moment of each day for the time I have.

love for myself is not limited. it is an infinite pool from which I can pull compassion, truth, forgiveness and brilliance. it is the darkness where i can always find rest and restoration. it is the source of the love I give to my family, lovers, friends…and there is still so much to give to everyone and everything I encounter.

loving myself is an action and a way of being. when I love myself, I am not lonely when alone, or bored when I am still. I sit in the way of love and become present to all the life around me, the constant beauty and miracle that grows with my attention.

it is in the spirit of this learning that I declare my smitten-ness, my solo blushing, my unconditional gift: my radical love for myself.