moon time

the full moon is up outside my window now, and I’m feeling good and ritualistic.

I learned a full moon bath recipe a while ago (was it only a year? time slides when you’re being present).

tonight I am doing the ‘best full moon bath I can’ with a compostable cup, lavender essential oil, bits of four corners region sage, and rainwater. its sitting under the moon in hearing range of the sounds of ocean waves, because water – even a little compostable cupfull – responds to music. tomorrow I’ll start the day using it.

the labyrinth on this land was completed this week, and I was going to go walk it, but by the time the clouds let me see moon, I had no one to go with me through the jungle for the walk. I’ll do it tomorrow in daylight – i know moon is still there :-).

the other part of my little ritual is that I’m going to spontaneously write and share something here and now on top of usual blog writing, maybe a poem or song.


pele, yemaya, hina
all flow thighward in me
dressed in blood and fire

a twist of heat,
and the creative essence
venules to pores
a light landing and leaping away

hanging upside down
in this all-consuming space
i’m wondering if she still feels me
if I move her

she used to throw herself on rocks for me

she told me that only my light
could pull her to breaking,
bursting canyon-wide
lifting up in cumulus skirts
storming a fury onto land

but this pattern now so set
in out in,
dark light dark
always changing the same way
I can almost forget
it is miraculous


til I see her
endless, allness,
dancing a million patterns
under the full blaze of my love

freed utterly from her shadow
i’m able to let her see
my whole face

and of course I beam,
and of course she roars,
and just so,
we begin a new path
back into the dark.



visual from my yard is the moon completely full over an equally full ocean which seems to catch and throw back the light with every movement. the moon/ocean relationship is one of my favorite ever.

I like stepping into, and anthropomorphizing, nature (perhaps its a flaw). it’s the children’s book writer part of my brain. being the moon tonight in poetry, a full moon, felt lovely and very true to write from.

on my journey I feel very much in a place of seeing and accepting my patterns, my needs, my work to be done…but accepting from a place of fullness and wholeness instead of exhaustion and dismay.

for instance #1 – yes I love to do many things, I’m not going to settle onto one path. and this is not chaos, it’s answering all my callings. for instance #2 – yes, I see this is my body and I honor and love on it and take intentional steps every day to gift this body with health and attention.

I am not discovering a new person on this trip, or becoming a new person. rather, I am letting the light shine on all of me, a full moon. more than a full moon. I’m in a 360 degree moon phase with creative life force energy shining on me from every-single-where.

life is full of the shadows wherein we gather our wisdoms, but we need regular experiences of being wholly lit up, within and without, to remember its all already there, whether we see it or not. like moon, our whole selves are moving through the patterns of light and dark, solid and in orbit, regardless of what is visible to us or to others.

it’s a comforting way to experience my healing.

hope you get your shine on 🙂