Full moon night

I cannot fully express how beautiful it is where I am, how utterly safe and cared for I feel. These months have done me good, I am reading a book a day, writing in a way that feels prolific, being in a way that feels authentic and like such a relief, a lack of effort. I feel valued outside of my work, of what I can do – I feel that my happiness is truly all that matters to those who love me. It is healing. I was recently reminded that being born, being the miraculous incarnation of stardust and breath and reason, is enough to yield the right to exist. I don’t have to fight, to grab, to prove it. So simple, yet basking in this truth is making me whole – what I have always known for others, and wished for others and given others, now I receive – whole love.

Here is a poem for the night:

What a holy quiet
The moon blazing over ancient trees,
Her cold silent light –
Then the owls wailing, far off
An under sound, an echo 
Against the whispered rush of creek and wind
Trying to be still

I know the predator slips through the darkness
Leaving prints loud only in sunlight
Yet I stay away from my fire
Bask in the silence
New among my thoughts
Everything here is my elder
Telling me story
Calm is this wisdom

I feel so human
Deep in the absence
Of my kind,
So fragile
In the flesh
Of my species,
So safe
In the grand order
Of this hush and shadow,
So bright in the blackness
Of this
Full moon night.