love notes abound (post AMC)

dear morgan (AMC2012 coordinator)
thanks for showing up when and how you did, for being made of good solid earth that absorbs everything and yields trees and fruit and calm everywhere you are. I’ve never done what you did at the AMC, and yet i felt the tenderness of my energetic legacy being held in you every time I saw you smile in the face of someone else’s crisis, and lean in and open up.
you were radiant and mind blowing and made this the best AMC ever with your beginner’s mind and wisdom.
excited to be in this work with you and learn from your fantastic.
love amb

dear micha, dream, thenmozhi (keynotes)
thank you for the complexity of your offerings, which were united by how much each of you was taking the risk and speaking from your more vulnerable places.
dream, my mafia teacher and friend, I always want to see you on a stage full of young women reading your work, honoring the importance of the space you have carved out for us in a cultural transformation of the way we understand ourselves and our inter-feminine relationships and our responsibilities to each other. I got you.
thenmozhi, it was like meeting you anew to see you liberated from the traditional movement media maker role, to see how you are thinking of us in a galactic context, you are so generous with your love of humanity and your invitation for us to behave as a complex organism. ‘species self’ as you presented it – I felt unlonely, like there was finally a term for the interconnectedness I feel in my humanity that wasn’t about religious dogma. thanks for the extra hour of time space traveling conversation in my kitchen.
micha…I have been waiting for you and searching for you as I mutate and converge and embody and borderfuck my way through life. thank you for strategically using your beauty, body and brilliance to give all of us permission to un-border ourselves. thank you for weaving it into fashion, into radical intersectional safety through electronic clothing…even writing that makes me thrill. I would standing o for you anytime!
the combination of the three of you lit up my soul and expanded my consciousness.
thank you!

dearest autumn
I know I confessed my love for you in the car, but I want to declare it again. what a blessing you are to me! I cannot believe my good fortune to be in this work with someone as brave and unyieldingly honest and adaptive and coordinated and beautiful as you. the fact that you are my sister, and I can attest to the constancy of your marvelous condition, is almost too much to believe. I trust you on everything, every topic, every politic, every decision. you call out to my best self whenever we speak and I grow every time I call back.
I love you!!

dear Waajeed, anthology of booty collective, cupcake collective, and emily wells
thank you for the sounds you made this weekend, and your commitment to fully embrace the love of music so that people like myself can leave everything, every single thing, on the dance floor. I wore heels for y’all, praise danced, lost serious water, and chose standing by your tables in anticipation over laying in my bed. you all create the soundtrack that keeps pace with my life, at the height of my joy. thank you oh oh oh so much, and I will seek you out again and everywhere.

I could go on like this for hours. that’s what the AMC2012 was like.

floating off to my day 🙂