happy style

for some time now i have been building up my fashion way. i’ve named it happy style because it makes me happy, and it makes children happy, and often makes other adults happy too. i thought i would share here: some of my general guidelines on how to do happy style.

1. cleanse! remove from your closet and your existence any items of clothing, jewelry, shoe wear, nail polish, glasses, hats and make up that do not make you feel happy, comfortable, fabulous and hot. this extends to hairstyles and body art.

2. acquire from love! have a general rule for the acquiring of new goods: that you LOVE it and it is essential to representing you at your highest exclamation of self. not based on fashion trends, but based on your self. for me, that includes used clothing, zero waste clothing, clothing and accessories that support local business – justice fashion items.

particularly focus on those aspects which are most constant – for me that meant the glasses, the jewelry I never remove, my tattoos, and hair. then shoes of course 🙂

3. feel yourself! when you go to get dressed, start by focusing in on what kind of feeling you want to express for the day. is it a productive day? a revolutionary day? a sexy day? playful? bossy? dirty? a combination?

part of your happiness will come from having the appropriate outfit for the day. you don’t have to meet other people’s expectations on what these expressions look like, as long as you are meeting your own.

4. get centered! what is the centerpiece of your outfit for this particular miraculous day? someone’s grandmother used to say have on nice panties in case it’s your last day. i echo that but for the whole outfit – if this was your last chance to express the wonder that is your unique magnificence, where would you start?

build an outfit around whatever you are most excited to wear in the context of forever, whether it’s a belt, the shoes, an earring, whatever. let the outfit emerge from that first piece. many of my best outfits have emerged from a fabulous belt.

5. emerge and expand! consider what would add life, flavor, explosion and heat to the outfit? adapt and adjust accordingly. you can heal and inspire with this get-up, transform days and spirits.

one rule of thumb I use is – do i have on things that babies will be drawn to? they are very close to the universe and super nova mysteries, and thus excellent judges of happy style.

6. embody! to finish, walk around and make sure you feel deeply comfortable, that nothing will need constant attention and adjusting. you just want to feel fabulous.

now not only should you look delicious, but you should feel like your whole self.

happy style!