a four blog day, that’s what it is.

I am in Minnesota. they got this place in the fall. driving up tonight to the sound of frogs, green catching the light cast from the car, wet lush overgrowth pouring onto the dirt roads from all sides, i realize I’ve never known this spring.

I love earth most at moments like this, a new season, a new soundscape.

I left the concrete binding of new york again today, after stomping around and feeling the atmospheric heat and first blasts of air conditioning that confirm spring’s presence there.

I came through Indianapolis, perhaps for the first time. a very attractive coldstone creamery worker heard me sing happy birthday to my grandmother’s answering machine and helped me celebrate. I felt briefly smitten.

now I’m about to pass out. I can’t see the moon through this mist but I feel her. everything must change.

tomorrow I will wake up to the first day of summer for some of my favorite people. I’m right on time.