Octavia’s Brood

you may have picked up on the fact that i am living my life as a testament to, and continuation of, the work of science fiction writer octavia butler. i love her. i see emergent strategy throughout her work in ways that make me see the way change happens in the current world more clearly.

for some time now i have been developing a project with walidah imarisha called Octavia’s Brood: science Fiction from Social Justice Movements. this project is our secret heart made public – we believe it is our right and responsibility to write ourselves into the future.

now we are asking y’all to fund this project with us – we are self-publishing!! we have an amazing incredible mindblowing collection of original stories from social justice movements – stories that are important to read at this time.


you can watch that adorable and nerdy fundraising video of us above, then donate. we are thanking EVERY SINGLE DONOR in the book, and our perks are delicious – hanging out with us and the writers :), original stories, original music from Invincible or Gabriel Teodros, sci-fi writing workshops.

so…(with so much LOVE and anticipation)…support this baby!!