happy new year’s from durban

this year i wrote.

this year i was there for the birth of my niece.

this year i went to mexico multiple times. this year started in montreal, and is ending in durban. this year i set an intention to leave the country and i went.

this year i fell in love, and stayed in it, a transformative love.

this year i prepared to let go of everything.

this year i set and held boundaries that created freedom.

this year i did too much, and loved just about every thing.

this year i loved my body and learned an immense amount about what health feels like for me. and i am still learning.

this year i was more present with my family, and i can deepen even more there.

this year i was immensely vulnerable.

this year i was ready to be creative when the stories started coming.

this year i didn’t give up, i kept on, i lived each day.

this year i was grieving, and learning of more things to grieve in this very small world.

this year, and just recently, i was humbled again by the massive glorious gorgeous simple and vast scale of the world and how little i actually comprehend.

this year i kept my wonder intact.

this year i kept turning my analysis back on myself, liberating at the places i can reach.

this year felt good.