Grumble grumble sugar cleanse grumble

I’m starting a sugar cleanse today!

That isn’t a fully authentic exclamation mark, I’m actually totally nervous.

I’ve done a lot of other things to support my health, and took bread off the menu for most  of the past few weeks.

Then my sister Autumn started a sugar cleanse.

I knew immediately that I was going to join her, even though I didn’t want to. I love sugar. But I’ve been aware that I need to change my relationship to it for some time.

I’ve read a lot about it. About how it sets the conditions of the body to not process anything else properly. How it creates an unquenchable desire for itself. From a food justice perspective I’ve known that processed sugars dominate the American diet and palate, making it harder and harder to eat and be satisfied by real, whole foods.

It’s been a long road of excuses for why I wasn’t going to do it yet. I can’t do it while traveling! I’m always traveling! But now Autumn’s 14 days in, and I’m staying with her for the whole week, in the rural snowed in woods of Minnesota. No excuses stand up to the circumstances. Here goes.

It’s going to liberate me from mental, emotional and physical dependence on the corporate nutrition-free candy that masquerades as a massive amount of American food. I just want to actually have agency.

The cleanse we’re using is here. Autumn also pointed me towards some other resources that support cleansing. Some helpful tips here – a big one Autumn shared is letting folks know and support you.

So here’s what I’ll be eating for the foreseeable future:


I’m excited that it’s a lot of foods I love. I’m excited to orient my body even more towards whole foods. I believe in myself.

Anyone want to come with?