napowrimo, poem 2 (myths)

prompt: write of a myth. consider this list of legendary creatures from japan.
Amaterasu – A sun goddess.
Datsue-ba – An old woman seated in the underworld who steals clothes from the souls of the dead.

wrote a sort of love song duet between these two mythological creatures in haiku form.

poem 2:

i want you naked
i want nothing between us
i will feed you light

you must come naked
there is no hiding now love
i’ll keep your memories

it’s a lonely call
no one can touch you out here
for all my beaming

it’s a lonely path
tho you are one of millions
there will be small warmth

let me burn you up
let me mark your neck of songs
light your thighs open

let me show you down
there are wonders in darkness
kiss these knowing lips